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An Caisleán Northburgh - An overview

Inis Eoghain(Inishowen), meaning 'island of Eoghan’, is a peninsula in the north of County Donegal.

•Predating the formation of County Donegal by centuries, the area was named Inis Eoghain after Eógan mac Néill, son of Niall Naoigeallach(Niall of the Nine Hostages), a legendary High King of Ireland.

•Eógan’s name is also the source of Tír Eoghain (Tyrone).

•Eógan is reputed to have died in 465 and is buried in Uisce Chaoin (Iskaheen) in Inishowen.

•He was the ancestor of the Cenél nEógain (‘kindred of Eoghain’) branch of the Northern Uí Néill

The CenélnEógain founded the Kingdom of Aileach, which at one point incorporated Inishowen, Derry, all of present day Tyrone, and parts of Antrim, Fermanagh and Armagh

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