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History and Heritage

Northburgh Castle, overlooking Lough Foyle, was built by Anglo Normans in 1305. 

The castle enjoyed a dramatic history and reflects key moments in Irish and international history - the rise of the Normans and their spread across Europe; the Norman invasion in Ireland; the retreat and then resurgence of Gaelic Ireland; the collapse of Gaelic rule in 1603 - right through to the establishment of an independent Ireland in the 20th Century.

You can learn more about the Castle and its place in history by going to History of the Castle


Conservation Group

Grúpa Caomhnaithe Caisleán Northburgh (Northburgh Castle Conservation Group) was established in 2021. Our goal is to preserve the castle and promote its history to both the local community and visitors to north east Donegal.
We secured grant funding from the Heritage Council to create a Conservation Plan.

The Heritage Council

Grúpa Caomhnaithe Caisleán Northburgh (Northburgh Castle Conservation Group) secured Grant Funding under the Community Heritage Grant scheme for 2021 from the Heritage Council.

In 2022 we secured additional funding through the Community Monuments Fund to prepare for urgent repair works to the castle.

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